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Trust your after-school PALS, taking the home out of homework.


PALS Learning Center specializes in after-school assistance for the adolescent learner. With our support, your child will learn time management, study strategies and organizational skills to help them throughout their education. We will assist you in making that home-school connection that is essential during the middle years.  

The critical transition from child to teenager often needs a teacher’s specialist skills. PALS strives to provide quality educational support beyond the school day for students aged 10-15 years (grades 5-9). This program is an alternative to costly tutoring and is designed to provide continuous support for the academic school year.

Our mission is to provide a safe, collaborative and student-centered after school environment where adolescent learners receive the necessary supports for school and future success.

PALS Center services include:

Contact us to schedule a free private educational consultation so we can discuss your personal needs further.

Phone: 845-319-6494
Email: info@palscenter.com

Learning Center Photos:

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Currently taking new students for Fall 2015